Training Courses

The EMMETT Technique Training Courses

There are 2 types of courses available for those interested in learning the EMMETT Technique.
1) The EMM-Tech Short Course
Created by Ross Emmett so that non-therapists would have the opportunity to use some of his work to help themselves, their family and friends.  The  course teaches 11 moves which have been specially selected from the EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course.
Increasingly used by existing therapists and exercise professionals as an introduction to the EMMETT Technique, courses are run all around the country by registered EMM-Tech Tutors and here in New Malden, Surrey by Lesley Salt.
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2) The EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course
Although primarily aimed at existing therapists and medical professionals interested in extending their skills, the EMMETT Technique Practitioner training workshops are open to all who are interested in learning a simple method of relaxing and releasing muscle tensions, improving movement and relieving pain.
The course is divided into two-day learning blocks, called Modules, with 6 Modules in total.  Review days are built into the training which runs for 11 days in total.
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Learn Now!

Learn two of the EMMETT Releases here with;

Gastroc Calf Pay per Release helpful for fluid retention in the lower leg, knee and ankle pain or restriction and balance and stability.

SCM Pay per Release for stiff necks and limited rotation.